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This page contains info for Orchestra Members only. If you are not a member, we suggest looking at the Home or Achievements pages for info for you.

What’s New on this page:
8/11/18 – change to Organisation section
12/10/18 – Change to date of AGM; Summary of 2019 events
19/9/18 – Rehearsal Schedule added to Key Dates section
19/9/18 – New Subs info added to Membership & Subs section

Key Dates & Rehearsal Schedule

NEXT WEEK Mon November 19th – All Tchaikovsky

  • Fri November 23rd 2018 – All Repertoire
  • Sat November 24th 2018 – Autumn Concert (see programme below)
  • Mon November 26th 2018 – no rehearsal (Post concert break)
  • Mon December 3rd 2018 – normal rehearsal
  • Mon December 10th 2018 – last Rehearsal before Christmas break
  • Mon January 7th 2019 – first Rehearsal of 2019

What’s happening in 2019?

We are still finalising our programme for 2019 – but it is looking quite different from our ‘normal’ year (of 3 concerts in Spring, Summer and Autumn) so here is the provisional outline…

  • Mondays Jan 21st, Jan 28th & 4th Feb – Joint rehearsals with musicians from Djanogly City Academy, leading to an informal performance on 4th. This is to foster closer working relations with DCA.
  • Sat 18th May – Performance of Elijah in a joint concert with Ruddington Choir; Burton Joyce Choral Society and the Nottingham Hospitals Choir at St Mary’s in the Lace Market.  There will be some joint rehearsals beforehand (probably all on Mondays).  Get a preview of the music here.
  • Mon 1st July & Tue 2nd July – joint performance with the Nottingham Music Hub (details to follow)
  • After the summer, we revert to our normal schedule with a concert  on 23rd or 30th Nov (t.b.c.)

 ’30th Anniversary Concert’ – Info

Our autumn concert on 24th November celebrates the Orchestra’s 30th Anniversary (yes, OK, you had guessed from the title). The programme is shown below.  Our Librarians have copies of all the music available at rehearsals, so you don’t need to print any yourself.

However we know some people like their own copy (maybe to annotate, or because they otherwise have to share), so we have provided links to IMSLP where available – and these are shown with the mu(sic)μsymbol.   There is also a link to a YouTube performance of each piece in case you want use it for practice  (but be warned – it may differ from our interpretation) shown with ‘headphone’ symbolΩ‘.

  • Strauss – Overture to Fledermaus  μ   Ω
  • Saint-Saens – Samson et Delila, Bacchanale  μ   Ω
  • Copland – Hoe Down from Rodeo    Ω
  • Sibelius – Finlandia  μ   Ω
  • Badelt – Pirates of the Caribbean     Ω
  • Tchaikovsky – Symphony No 4  μ   ( Mvt 1 Ω; 2 Ω; Ω; 4 Ω; 1-4+Score Ω)

 Rehearsals (and refreshment breaks!)

  • Rehearsals are held in the Theatre building at the Sherwood Rise site of the Djanogly Learning Trust, NG7 7AR (See map) on Monday evenings from 7.00 pm to 9.15 pm.
  • If you are able to arrive a few minutes early to help put out chairs, that is really helpful.
  • We have a refreshment break at ‘half time’ for which we ask members to bring their own (small) mug. Three members of the Orchestra are rostered each week to provide the refreshment – so please check the Rota to see when you are scheduled.

Membership and Subs

Members need to be able to come to rehearsals regularly – as frequent gaps make it less enjoyable for other players.

Subs should be paid by standing order – either annually in January;  or quarterly in November, February, May and August.  Currently they are  £100 per year (Please contact the treasurer, Roger Kilby, for standing order information). One exception is that membership for a full-time student is free – so don’t forget to tell Roger if you already are (or if you become) a student!


Our orchestra has a written constitution (see DCO constitution) and is managed by a committee comprising Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and up to 5 other members elected at the AGM in November. Each member has a defined role and we meet as necessary.  Minutes from recent meetings are here (contact the Enquiries for the a password to access them).   Currently the committee comprises 7 members:

staff_jackyfisherChairperson: Jacky Fisher.
Jacky has been a member of the cello section since 2001, and is currently the committee Chairperson. She largely retired a few years ago from her job as a social worker in the field of disability. She hides at the back of the cello section, but loves the opportunity to make great music in a full-scale orchestra.

Treasurer: Roger Kilby. 
Roger has been playing violin with the orchestra since about 1995. He started learning at school and continued at University,  and is still involved in other string groups and choirs. Roger enjoys our Orchestra because he finds both the friendly atmosphere a real tonic after a day’s work, and because it presents the opportunity to tackle some genuinely challenging pieces of music.

 staff_johnthurstonSecretary & Website manager: John Thurston.
John joined the committee in 2012. He plays tenor trombone and joined the orchestra in 2008. Having played for many years previously only in a church music group, the transition to orchestra was challenging at times but was greatly helped and encouraged by other members of the Orchestra.

staff_cathlovatt Membership Secretary and Facebook manager: Cath Lovatt. 
Cath joined the committee in 2013. She plays clarinet, which she started at school (even performing with a very young Nigel Kennedy!). What she really likes about playing with Djanogly is that nobody cares about your day job – it’s just about making music. Her favourite from Djanogly repertoire is Aaron Copeland’s Appalachian Spring – mainly for the lovely clarinet solos.

staff_lauraewartDjanogly Learning Trust Liaison and Concert Programmes: Laura Ewart.
Laura is a member of the trumpet section of the orchestra. Her role on the committee are to write and produce the programmes for all of our concerts. She also works at the Djanogly Learning Trust which helps us enormously in the liaison and organisation of concerts and rehearsals.

staff_robynscottchaplin Concert Activities Manager: Robyn Scott-Chaplin.
Robyn joined the orchestra committee in 2015 where her remit is to Manage activities for each concert. She joined the Orchestra in 2000 as a very new percussionist, and is now our chief timpanist. She only became a committee member after cutting down on her day job, and loves to hear how music is created in front of our ears – just like magic!

staff_susansullivanConcert Venue Manager: Susan Sullivan.
Susan joined the orchestra in 2016 and the committee in 2017. She has been keen choral singer for many years, and decided to learn an instrument in retirement.  Wanting one that you neither have to hold up nor blow down, she decided on the cello. She is enjoying playing in the friendly cello section.

Other Roles

staff_stephenhowarth Leader: Stephen Howarth.
Stephen joined the Orchestra in 2006. As Leader, he has an honorary role on the committee. He started learning violin age 5 and was heavily involved in performing music throughout his whole of his school life and his career as Chemical Engineer. He says that the Orchestra is full of welcoming and friendly musicians who enjoy making music together and putting on a good performance.

staff_librarians Librarians: Emma Grishin and Alison Raju.
Emma (who plays flute) and Alison (who plays French Horn) share the role of Librarian for the orchestra.  They help us get the music we need for our rehearsals and concerts, distributing it to players, and collecting it up and returning it after the concert. As such they are not committee members but play a vital role.