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Information for Members


New website under development

We are in the process of developing a new website for the orchestra. The objectives are to give it a fresher, more up-to-date appearance (this site has been in use for nearly 10 year) and be more user-friendly when viewed on tablets and smartphones. Among other things it has a new logo, and pictures of the March 2018 concert. The new website is now in beta-testing.

Current information for Orchestra Members is ONLY on the new wibsite. HERE


Key dates

See new web site for up to date info



Summer Concert 'Bastille Day Concert' - 14th July

See new web site for up to date info



Rehearsals and Membership Info

Rehearsals are held at the Sherwood Rise site of the Djanogly Learning Trust, NG7 7AR (See map) on Monday evenings starting at 7.00 pm, but if you are able to arrive a few minutes early to help put out chairs, that is really helpful. We have a refreshment break at 'half time' and 3 members of the Orchestra are rostered each week to provide this:- one to set up before the practice starts; a second to boil the kettles then, with the third, to serve the refreshments and tidy away afterwards. Please check the Rota to see when you are scheduled. Rehearsals finish at 9.15 pm so we can clear away by 9.30.

Subs are currently £80 per year, and should be paid by standing order - either annually in January, or quarterly in November, February, May and August. Please contact the treasurer, Roger Kilby, for standing order information. The one exception to this is that full-time student membership is free - so don't forget to tell Roger if you already are (or if you become) a student!