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Joining the Djanogly Community Orchestra


Positions available


To join us, you need to be a competent player at least at grade 5 or equivalent, and enjoy playing music that is challenging.

The orchestra also needs to have a role for your instrument - but with a large orchestra it is surprising how frequently positions become available. We currently have vacancies for the following:-

Double Basses




Even if we don't have a vacancy for your instrument, do contact us if you are interested in other opportunities -
     - Specific pieces sometimes need players of 'unusual' instruments (e.g. Bass Clarinet, Harp, extra percussion, etc)
     - Regular players are sometimes unavailable due to work pressures, etc, so we may need a deputy to play for some rehearsals or a concert


How to join

We do not have auditions! Instead we like it if people who are interested in joining come to rehearsals for up to 4 weeks and try playing with us. That allows the player to decide if they like the orchestra, and us to decide whether joining at that time is appropriate or should be deferred until the player has improved.

Members need to be able to come to rehearsals fairly regularly (as frequent gaps make it less enjoyable for other players), and a membership subscription is payable (except for full time students - who are free!). If you are interested or have any queries, please contact us.